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Duluth branch NAACP is Hiring!

Duluth NAACP Office Administrator & Media Assistant

Role Outline/Description

We are looking for a responsible Office Administrator and Media Assistant to help us coordinate our organization’s day-to-day operations. Your job will be to provide clerical support to our secretaries, treasurers, and communications committee.

The Administrator should be highly organized, dependable, and self-manageable. The Administrator’s main tasks include creating our monthly newsletter, maintaining branch correspondence, attending monthly meetings, and tracking membership inquiries/renewals. Our ideal candidate has a strong commitment to anti-racism and community advocacy, is technologically savvy (familiarity with Google Docs), strong written communication skills, and experience in communicating with diverse populations.

This position is a two-year, flexible, grant-funded position. The Administrator will receive a $500/month stipend with approximately 25 hours/month dedicated to the position.

Applications are due by February 10. Black, Indigenious, & People of Color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create a monthly e-newsletter
  • Gather information from all active committees to create a year-end printed newsletter
  • Create media and other document templates in collaboration with the communications committee
  • Support the communications committee in connecting with other NAACP committees around communications for major annual events
  • Assist in historical archive creation
  • Maintaining the branch email and answering the Duluth NAACP phone via google voice
  • Track membership inquiries, renewals, and dues
  • Attend the following monthly meetings; executive committee meeting, general membership meeting, finance committee meetings, and the communication committee meetings
  • Attend the quarterly meetings officer’s meeting
  • Receive and sort branch bills/correspondence
  • Check the Duluth NAACP PO Box weekly
  • Coordinate development of policy and procedure manual
  • Hold weekly office hours for community and NAACP members
  • Have the ability to reply to most correspondence in 24-36 hours
We're hiring an office admin & media assistant


  • A strong commitment to anti-racism
  • The ability to communicate with diverse populations
  • A self-starter with the ability to self-manage
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Be tech-savvy (i.e. Google Docs)
  • Be dependable and flexible
  • Strong written communication skills


  • Knowledge of the NAACP
  • A commitment to social justice and community advocacy
  • Experience in creating newsletter layouts
  • Experience in database upkeep
  • Experience with archiving historical events
  • Experience with event planning
  • Experience with social media posting (i.e. Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


  • A cover letter explaining your interests in this position and why you’d be a good fit for the role.
  • Resume showing previous experience or education relevant to the role.
  • Email both the cover letter and resume to branch@duluthnaacp.org by February 10.