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Duluth NAACP Calls For the Twin Ports to Make a Commitment Against Hate

14 Apr 2019 7:23 PM | Communications Committee (Administrator)

decorative imageThe recent appearance of posters throughout Duluth and Superior promoting a white nationalist hate group should be concerning to us all as a community, but especially to citizens who are the targets of such groups. As the National NAACP stated recently, “domestic terrorism...has been the hammer and chisel used to chip away at the humanity of Black Americans and the suppression of our political power” and “it’s high time we prioritize the threat posed by domestic terrorism.”

We call on Duluth, Superior, and surrounding cities to make a unified commitment and take a public stand against white nationalist groups and the hate they foster. The first and easiest step is through public statements. Beyond that, we ask that our city leaders publicly accept personal responsibility for promoting a community commitment to ensure that black, brown and every citizen has dignity and feels safe living in the Twin Ports and in surrounding cities. We also encourage our community members to stand up and hold people accountable when they see or hear hatred-filled actions.

We are confident that our community and the city at large will stand together in solidarity to speak up and take action against hate rhetoric in any form. Together we can work to eradicate hate in all its forms; within our families, neighborhoods, and throughout our cities.

Hate creates fear, and fear creates division, and we need to stand strong as a community; a difference can only be made together.