Flyer for 2nd Annual Decriminalize Color rally

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2nd annual Decriminalize Color event

  • Saturday September 24th, 2-4 PM
  • Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial 
  • Speakers, tabling, & free food

Please wear a mask!

Our first Decriminalize Color rally, held last fall at the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, was a huge success. We managed to bring hundreds of community members together in order to learn more about our branch's initiatives and the injustices that Black & Brown folks face in our town. 

In particular, last year's event served as the culminating effort that led to our city investing $600,000 annually into a non-police crisis response service for mental health, housing, and drug related crises. Additionally, last year's event served as a kick-off to raise awareness and demand an end to the for-profit correctional healthcare company MEND that has been responsible for over 25 inmate deaths in recent years. This summer, our work and advocacy paid off when St. Louis County, among other counties throughout Minnesota, voted to end their ties with MEND.

This year's event will focus on our largest campaign: #STOPTHESTOPS. All over the Northland, and particularly in Duluth, Black and Brown people are unable to live their everyday lives without the fear of being stopped and receiving excessive force from the police. Data run by a partnering organization has found extreme disparities in Duluth in the police Use of Force rates, traffic stop rates, and criminalization of Black youth at school. Despite this data and many conversations with leadership at the Duluth Police Department, the department has taken NO steps to make changes to policy or department culture with the goal of alleviating racial disparities. Rather, the department has become defensive and spent their effort trying to justify the disparities that exist.

We hope that this year's event can continue our momentum in the fight against systemic racism in our criminal justice system.

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