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Communications, Press, & Publicity

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Publicize on Our Social Media

The mission of the Communications, Press and Publicity Committee is to promote the image of the Duluth Branch through public relations, social media and writing as a uniquely vibrant, dynamic body of the National Chapter. It is our goal to keep the community informed and aware of the organization’s mission, goals, accomplishments, events and to make people aware of the benefits of becoming a member of the organization.


Cruz Mendoza, Chair


The Committee on Criminal Justice shall: seek to eliminate harsh and unfair sentencing practices that are responsible for mass incarceration and racial disparities in the prison system, support and seek to increase trust and public safety by advancing effective law enforcement practices, fight for the restoration of the voting rights of formerly incarcerated people and the removal of barriers to employment, elevate the voices of crime victim survivors in order to identify and advance systemic breakdowns existing in the criminal justice system that perpetuate crime, resolve to end the war on drugs for its disproportionate collateral consequences harm communities of color, seek the institution and availability of alternatives to incarceration including education, employment, and mental health services, eliminate zero tolerance policies implemented in our schools which are keeping kids out of the classroom and putting them on a path from the schoolhouse to the jailhouse, investigate programs implemented in our local law enforcement agencies which derail from their main purpose of safety and order to conduct the work of federal agencies for which they do not have the capacity, and seek budget modifications in states where incarceration receives more funding than education.


Audrey Devine Eller & Kevin Skwira-Brown, Co-Chairs


The Education Committee leads the Association’s work to eliminate the severe racial inequities that continue to plague our education system and ensure that every student of color receives a quality public education that prepares him or her to be a contributing member of a democracy.

Health committee

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The Health Committee fulfills the NAACP’s commitment to eliminating the racial and ethnic disparities in our health care system that plague people of color in the United States. The Duluth Branch NAACP brings our local voice to assist in the eradication of these racial and ethnic disparities, with a focus not only on disease prevention, but on the social and environmental factors that affect health and wellness. In addition the Duluth Branch NAACP is engaged in the workforce development movement to increase the number of minorities represented in the medical and public health profession, and a leading presence on governmental advisory workgroups and national coalitions developed to provide counsel on cultural competency in the health care system.



The Committee on Economic Development shall implement local efforts and support programs to preserve and expand economic empowerment among African-Americans and other communities of color by: researching and establishing relationships with private and public entities; supporting the work of the National Office in monitoring the progress and activity of private and public  entities designated by national programs; and implementing local efforts to promote the growth of business ownership; increasing employment and job creation; and encouraging business development and home ownership.


The Committee on Young Adult shall consist of Branch members twenty-one (21) – forty (40) years of age. It shall be  the function of the Committee to: support all branch activities; stimulate interest through advocacy training and solicit membership of twenty-one (21) – forty (40) years of age; create a mentorship program (Branch to Young Adults and Young Adults to Youth Units) to serve as a support bridge from Youth and College to Branch participation; provide networking and social opportunities for young adults in the local community; and encourage the participation of young adults in all activities and leadership within the Branch.