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Request for Proposal

Marketing for Ignite Empower Transform

Project Summary

As Ignite Empower Transform prepares to open the Economic Empowerment Center in July of 2024, we are looking for an established digital marketing agency to help us develop a strategy to gain public recognition and increase connections with donors. The desired date for this project is June 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from various candidates, conduct a fair evaluation, and select the candidate who is the best fit for the project. Ignite Empower Transform reserves the right to award the contract as it sees fit and to the bidder of its choosing when and how it deems appropriate.

Company Information

Ignite Empower Transform is a 501(c)(3) organization deeply committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community in the Duluth/Twin Ports region. Our mission is to offer comprehensive social, entrepreneurial, and cultural elements, aiming to operate from a place of profound community commitment. Our vision is centered on cultivating economic safe spaces and services that empower generational success and wealth, ultimately leading to a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for BIPOC communities.The Economic Empowerment Center will provide educational programming based on the needs and desires of the BIPOC community. Having a variety of services all in one welcoming location will make it easy for local families to gain access to services and get their needs met.

Nature and Scope of Work

The purpose of this project is to set up a website for IET (it is currently within the Duluth NAACP website), create a social media presence, raise awareness about IET and its initiatives, and connect IET with donors interested in supporting our mission and vision.

At this time, we have a budget of $4200 from a grant that we received from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. We are requesting marketing firms to draft an RFP based on this budget and what they are willing to do within those parameters. As additional funds come in to support this project, there is potential for more marketing projects to occur.

Deadline: Please submit your RFP by no later than 4:00PM CDT on May 24, 2024.
Contact: Amanda Lindquist at economic@duluthnaacp.org